You are better than you think

This book is about improving your life without spending big bucks or abandoning responsibility. It lays out specifics to help people of any age or station get interested and stay interested. Enjoying today and relaxed about tomorrow is as good as it gets.

There are sections devoted to:

  • Learning (pages 8-26) You have and you can.

  • Fear (pages 27 – 47) Why it often holds us back. 

  • Attitude (pages 48 – 97) Can be changed anytime.

  • Action (pages 98 – 136) What to do and how.

  • Business (pages 137 – 170) Success is possible.

These thoughts and ideas were accumulated over many years of study, experimenting and paying attention to results. They have led me to a very comfortable place and if they help you too, I’m happy.

If $19 plus tax helps improve life even a little it’s well spent. If not, you get a refund from 

Enjoy the ride.