Special offer

You are better than you think is a hundred and seventy three pages of digital information by Ken Lind, a recognized success skills, attitude and perspective expert. For people responding to this ad, the usual price of $19 is reduced to $9.95. A serious savings to encourage people to load it on their chosen devices for reference and share it.

The goal is helping as many as possible become excited about and look forward to each day. We all benefit from the widening circle of positive attitudes. Feel free to forward the book to anyone you choose.

It is not a series of assignments to memorize in order to get rich and become famous. It is incredibly simple every day thinking and doing that starts paying off right now.

Want calm? Confidence? Steady improvement? The way you think and act is the key. Picture being relaxed, comfortable and effective.

Feel like life keeps jerking you around? Maybe you are allowing normal ups and downs to dictate your feelings. You are in charge.

Ten dollars is too much? Can a fast food meal change the rest of your life? A new shirt? An oil change? Things don’t last. Ideas do!

Don’t have time to read and learn? What if five minutes shows you a new habit that saves an hour? Would you have time then?

Don’t need improvement? OK, but are you daydreaming about retirement? Do you think accumulating money and quitting work creates happiness? How much will happiness cost?

Charlie H., Dayton, Ohio “I never focused on attitude before. It pays off.”

Janet C., Buffalo, NY “I like the way you write. It makes learning easy.”

Robert B., Los Angeles, California “My sentiments precisely.”

Carrie E., Atlanta, GA “This is good. I’m making time for it.”

Richard R., NYC, NY “I recommended it on my social networks.”

I have yet to have a request for refund, but it is available. Money back through ken@homework4success.com if you are not satisfied.