If you are like me, reading for relaxation and
entertainment is interesting and fun. I’ve been
doing it for many years and not only enjoy
the stories but the learning and relaxation part.
No travel necessary, no commercials, no time
window, no dress code and very little expense.

When my attention is on whatever I’m reading
it’s not on those troubles, setbacks and
aggravations that are always popping up
(This week’s kick in the shins.) Nice.

I like reading better than audio, video, TV or
movies. Having somebody read to me (audio)
doesn’t allow me to re-read or pause to think
about what is being said comfortably. The speed
of the presentation is fixed. Video is having
somebody read to me on camera.

Television and movies decide what the settings
and characters look like and how voices sound.
Books let me imagine those things. Maybe the
hero looks like me? Ya think?

I can read something interesting in a minute or
take a month. I can learn from any kind of
reading material. Textbooks, novels, magazines,
even junk mail advertisements teach me
something. What is their target audience? Does
their presentation motivate me or is it wasted?

The value I see in written materials is evergreen.
I spend time writing every day and If my
contributions help people relax and progress that
time is well spent. My posts and other writings
plus popular things from selected authors can be
copied or downloaded. (see free information)

PDF books I call Companion ($9.95) and
For employees only ($2.95) are for sale here.
(click on the titles) My first novel,
The adventures of Mr. Right and Daisy, is
available on and Kindle.

More to come……..