A favorable or desired outcome of something attempted.
Achieving what I set out to accomplish. So the first thing
necessary in order to be successful is deciding what
exactly I am attempting to accomplish.

That’s easy if I’m only talking about money. Ten dollars?
A thousand? A million? In the bank by the first of next
month? I pick a figure and a date and I either make it or
I don’t.

But what if I’m talking about life? Now that’s a whole
new bucket of stuff to consider. Much more interesting
than just money.

I can not speak for anyone else, but I have never
personally found a great deal of pleasure in just having
money in the bank. It’s a convenient tool to help make
life comfortable. Like a car or a refrigerator. Nice to
have but not really a necessity.

My goal is to construct a life that is comfortable and
relaxed seven days per week and is sustainable. I can
see that life in my mind now because I’ve been thinking
about it for many years. What I see is not the absence
of responsibility, work, effort or problems. It is
developing the ability to be comfortable and relaxed
while handling whatever comes along.

It does not require saving a certain amount of money
and investing it so that I can sit on the porch all day.
Sitting on the porch watching the world go by is OK
for an hour or two but like golf, fishing, watching TV,
and other entertainments it’s boring when over done.

Other things that are OK in small doses but will never
be the main event for me are naps, baby sitting the
grandchildren, taking walks and home maintenance
or yard work. I know others will disagree on these
subjects and I expect it but I’m the world’s leading
expert on me. I know me better than anyone else on

My vision of success does not require that I stop
doing something useful to make money. Having a
job or operating a business means I must keep up
with modern times, keep learning new things, keep
planning and doing, keep a good relationship with
the others involved. Those things are interesting
and enjoyable for me. They are what make me
look forward to tomorrow.

The key to happiness and contentment for me is
getting the mind right. After that all physical things
will fall into place. I like a balance between work and
play and that won’t always be possible but I should
always be able to cope anyway. Life’s twists and turns
and other people’s actions will never be in my control
but I will be. I just need to do a good job of it.

How will I know when I have succeeded? When I
have reached a mental place where I am relaxed and
happy at home, at work, on vacation, alone, in a
crowd, eating a nice dinner, fixing a toilet or running
after a departing bus. When ninety eight percent of life,
problems and all, is interesting and non-threatening.

Impossible? Daydream? Let’s see how close we can get.

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