Laugh or get mad?

Yesterday I stopped at the bank and someone had
parked their SUV crosswise in front of the entrance. I
later went into a supermarket, picked out two birthday
cards and while waiting to check out an impatient
person gently bumped my legs with her cart while
reaching around me to put her items down.

Later that day I picked up a tailgater who followed me
most of the way home even though I was driving over
the speed limit. I smiled when he finally pulled into the
other lane and got an X rated gesture.

Kicking the SUV at the bank, shoving the cart back at
the shopper behind me and further inspiring the
tailgater did cross my mind. Laughing at these
thoughts was not only fun but relaxing.

Instead of turning minor irritations into real problems
I can enjoy them. Instead of being tensed up and
irritable I can be relaxed and happy. Instead of feeling
a little ashamed I can feel a tiny bit of pride. Instead of
arriving home in a foul mood ….well it’s all just better.

Practice won’t make me perfect but it can improve
my life.

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