Tired of constant conflict, problems and
ugliness in the world? Wondering how
some seem to enjoy life anyway? Here
are the facts.

1. Real improvement in your life starts
with a decision. You can word it any
way you wish but the simple mental
move is this. I control me.

2. Every reaction to others or events
will be decided by me.

3. Nothing I do, say or think is caused by
anyone or anything. That includes
nature, good or bad luck and the actions
of others.

If you try to beat me up I can decide to
fight back, run away, give up, scream,
cry, talk you out of it, laugh at you.

Fear is hard to ignore but focus, action
and decision are my best chance no
matter what is scaring me.

Less threatening things happen daily but
the result is the same. Purposely becoming
aware of your thoughts and reactions is
calming. Taking charge of you instead of
letting life and others jerk you around
endlessly changes life completely.

Increased happiness becomes possible
regardless of the inevitable spilled milk,
leaky pipe or unfriendly person. Atomic
bombs and murderers are rarely part of
everyday life.

Your free lifetime trial period starts today.