Are we possessors or possessions?

We associate what we own with success
or failure. Taking pride in the outward
signs of prosperity has existed throughout
history. Today successful money lenders
use that inclination to maintain massive
numbers of us paying monthly interest.

Credit is available to most making it easy
to get things we want. Realism when
considering basic needs is important.
The purpose of housing, car, furniture,
clothing, food is not image.

Taking possession of impressive things
by borrowing can become addictive and
perpetual. Things deteriorate, lose value,
need repair or replacement regularly.
Money lenders count on it.

Possessions are tools to deal with current
needs. Buying more than we currently
need on credit makes our future income a
legal possession of the lender.

Saving up to own later is better and
cheaper than getting now and owing.
Contrary to advertising that plan is still