Fear happens

Fear has value when there is danger.
Nature built fear into most living things.
The ability to recognize trouble and

Lots of things are scary for humans.
Roller coaster, zip line, sky diving,
bungee jumping, other experiences
designed to cause fright. Those who
do it anyway can find enjoyment and
look forward to going again.

More serious stuff like threats from
animals, people, storms, fire not so
much. OK. Everybody knows that.
What’s the point?

Fear is a mental message about
trouble but is not the trouble.
Recognize the difference. Watch out
but don’t panic. We all make wrong
decisions we wish we could go back
and change. Fewer of them improves

Finding new enjoyment in our ever
changing lives is an option. Routine
habit change, like purposely staying
more calm and focused when facing
trouble is a big step in the right

Habits were formed for a reason. We
did it, it worked, why change it?
Because then was then, now is now.
We are never a completed project.

Keeping an open mind gives us the
best chance for an ongoing happy life.
Don’t let built in fear of change or
laziness keep you from finding it.