Naked truths about the NFL

We feel differently when our team is
winning. That is also true about other
team and individual sports. Whether
our school, local community, city, state
or whole country is represented we feel

Even if we contributed nothing to the
victory and never met the competitors.
Even if the team or individual contributes
little other than expense to us. Even if the
athletes don’t live here and are only
doing it for money.

Pride, pleasure, satisfaction are what
sports have to offer. The fun of watching
unusually skillful players is magnified
when representing us. How much
money and effort we can afford to divert
from more important things is debatable.

There have been at least ten folded
professional football leagues in the past.
Adequate revenue to continue is not
guaranteed. College football and
professional baseball have been much
more successful at times in the past.

Did you know that the NFL is a non-
profit organization? The individual
teams pay corporate taxes but the group
does not. Some are trying to change that.

Total group annual revenue is currently
estimated at thirteen billion. Five billion
from game intake. Five billion from
television contracts. Three billion from
NFL merchandise.

Estimated combined value of thirty
two teams thirty eight billion. The
commissioner is paid more than the
CEOs of many large corporations.
Average total cost to attend a game
including ticket, food, drink, cap,
parking is about one hundred fifty

Pro football is expensive entertainment
just like movies, plays, concerts. If it
becomes boring or offensive revenue
will plunge. If it goes out of business
tomorrow the only people hurt will be
NFL employees.

Community financial gain from having
a team is little or nothing. Some part time
jobs at the stadium and out of town
visitors ten or twelve times per year
versus the expense of policing big crowds.

If the NFL decides our stadium is not
producing enough money we may be left
with the choice of committing millions
for new or losing the team. It is like
having rich movie producers demand
new theaters from tax payers.

If the NFL leaves the locals will spend
their dollars at other nearby entertainment
attractions. Revenue is down in the NFL
and the slide seems logical.

Too many other sports, too many teams,
too many games, too many penalties, too
many spoiled brat millionaire players, too
much greed, too many permanent injuries.

American football is a very rough game.
An average career in the NFL is about
three and a half years. Lowest among
professional sports. Average total career
earnings four or five million. Also lowest.

Eventually, like boxing, the only people
still playing football may be those who
don’t care whether they trade their
bodies for a shot at money and fame.


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