Entertainments need help

Like football? Watch any game whether
high school, college or pro? By middle
age you have seen a thousand of them.
They all begin to look alike. What was
exciting at seventeen becomes
somewhere between boring and
mildly amusing.

Real connection with one of the teams
is different. Home town? Alma mater?
Know or are related to players? Then it
stays interesting. Pleasure is in the
personal connection. Otherwise if you
see one, you have seen them all.

Other sports? Movies? Music? Foods?
Cars? Sex? Name anything you wish.
Constantly repeated becomes less exciting.
In friendly company it doesn’t matter.

With a friend you can have a better time
sitting on a rock throwing stones in a mud
puddle than watching a super bowl. Being
friendly is a habit that is not only pleasant
but improves a large percentage of life.

It starts in the mind.


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