When I was a kid we consulted a family doctor only when
sick or injured and received immediate treatment. Doctors
dealt with whatever was wrong in the office or made house
calls. Many of us never met a specialist but were helped by
someone who may not be up to date on every problem.

Now we see a primary doctor every few months who
doesn’t need to know everything. When something needs
attention we are sent to whoever handles that body part or
ailment for tests and treatments. The primary keeps records
and directs traffic. Immediate care places and emergency
rooms handle rush jobs.

I called a plumber recently about a pipe leaking in the
basement. After seeing the problem he gave me the name
of a plumber who handles that type of leak. Other home
problem specialists do only windows, roofing, bath tubs,
floors, driveways, garage doors.

Car repair places may do only body work, tires, brakes,
engines, paint jobs, transmissions, etc. Like the other fields
the business has changed over the years. Specialists doing
the same work over and over do it faster and better.

Huge corporations handling internet sales and returns of
everything under the sun from central warehouses can
provide low prices and pictures of products but not instant
possession or a personal touch.

We still have small independents getting local customers
with only a sign out front and word of mouth. Personal
service from someone you know and trust is comfortable
and that can be more important than getting it cheaper.

Small neighborhood businesses are increasing again. Big
box stores, suburban living, automobile dependency are
declining. Young people are leading the trend. Little places
can have a website, take orders and electronic payments

Stay tuned. For both workers and customers the best life
yet may be just around the corner.


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