Should we worry?

We will never stop. But some things should bother us less.

Time. Human measurement of any specific period in units.
The speed of it has been the same for thousands of years.
We will use some time wisely and some not just like every
human who came before. Observing, learning, planning
better use is fine but worry and remorse is a waste.

Age. Number of units someone or something has existed.
People under twenty one are about twenty seven percent
of the U.S. population. Twenty one to sixty five fifty eight
percent. Over sixty five fifteen percent. Median age thirty
eight. Two thirds over eighty five are women. None of it
predicts any individual life. Too many variables. Relax.

History. A record of events in past periods. Interesting but
over and done with. Don’t like what happened? Don’t repeat
it. Each of us is responsible for our little part of today which
will be history tomorrow.

Future. Periods yet to come. We can guess what is probable
but reliable predictions of one minute from now are fantasy.
Our personal world is approximately a three foot circle.
More attention to that now makes a better future.


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