Reading, writing, arithmetic

Audio and video are in. Like using a calculator instead of
old fashioned math they are quick and easy with little
necessary work.

Modern convenience is addictive but will eventually be
replaced in turn. Whether strictly entertainment or for
more important reasons communication is never in its
final form. Look at history.

Until road signs, business signs, and a whole host of
other necessary communications are switched to
mental telepathy we will still need the basics.

The current choices each have advantages. The ability
to do all is ideal. Calculators versus figuring on paper
or in your head are an obvious example. Reading versus
video or audio are in the same category.

Recordings dictate speed and appearance. Reading allows
personal choices on both. Some instructions can be easier
to learn demonstrated on camera but written versions
cover most just fine.

Picking up a book and opening to the bookmark is quick
and easy too. It does not require a machine, only a hand.
It can be done sitting, standing, or lying on the floor.

Electronic books are also good news and bad news. Tools
and electronics are needed but reading at your own speed,
convenience and personal visualizing are included.

Printed reference books in home or office are still valuable.
Bigger than a phone but not dependent on signal reception,
electricity, or technical skills.

Calculators, phones, tablets, computers can fail. If it can
happen it will happen and usually at the worst possible
time. Math, language, reading and brain function without
electronic help are as important as ever.

Socializing in acceptable ways without electronics is also
necessary for comfortable life. Schools where kids are
interacting with all kinds of others in person teach more
than academics. Texting in slang terms doesn’t cover it.

Home schooling, calculators, audio and video are nice
modern supplements to traditional learning and
entertainment but not replacements.