Food for thought

Thought alone gets nothing completed, but it is the starting
point for purposeful change. The views of others are a good
source of new things to consider.

The term “Self help” sounds like a home remedy for mental
illness. Since most of us feel we are imperfect but not ill we
seldom search for life help but do like good ideas.

Practical tips and suggestions are popular. How-to videos
on household problems get thousands of views but videos
on how to make life enjoyable would have little action.

Someone thinking, smiling, skipping through a field of
daisies? A yawner. Books are more logical for this topic.
Many prefer reading anyway. We can think about, re-read,
visualize at our own rate.

One little tip can make a big difference but one tip does not
fit all. A new idea to me may be old stuff to you. Either way
learning the thoughts, beliefs and experiences of others is
at least interesting.

We never know where the next good idea will come from.


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