Most of what we call phones these days are pocket sized
computers. We can actually call someone but a large
percentage of the time is spent silently staring.

The good news is the internet is available instantly on any
subject. The bad news is it interrupts daily life. When
texting, face booking, watching videos, checking email,
we are doing nothing else. Multi tasking is a myth. Car
crashes, even walking injuries result.

Phone fascination is no longer kids who think chatting
with friends is the most important thing in life. Adults
now have their own version. New toy, new joy, new
problem. Maybe we will outgrow it.

Staring at the phone takes us away physically and
mentally. We are not aware of people and surroundings
for as many moments as the screen has our attention.
We are alone for as long as we choose to do it. If escape
is the goal we have the means in our pocket.

If time seems in short supply these days we may gain
on it by reconsidering value versus waste on the phone.
The result of altering that habit may be a pleasant


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