War, Enemies, Future

Starting with the revolution in seventeen seventy
five I counted seventeen times America has declared
war. On average, we get mad enough to fight with
some group about every fourteen years.

Our enemies have included England, Mexico, Spain,
Germany, Japan, Italy, North Korea, North Viet Nam,
China, Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS and many native
American tribes. The worst casualties were during
the Civil War between our own northern and
southern states. We could throw in Cuba and Russia
but those were unofficial and mainly non-combat.

Of the twenty or more sworn enemies of the past we
are now on reasonable terms with all but two or
three. Relationships are still an ever changing
kaleidoscope. We agree, disagree, threaten, fight, hug
and make up just like people did when writing
consisted of stick figures on cave walls.

Weapons of mass destruction are now reality. Killing
one person at a time here and there has become a
minor aggravation. The media will work on
sensationalizing to gain audience and advertising
revenue but unless we are personally involved we
mentally move on. So many millions of us live here
that it happens somewhere every day.

Will mass killings become ordinary and acceptable
too? Hundreds here, thousands there? Will our
descendents be forced into ever increasing violent
destruction in order to survive? Even if it makes a
place uninhabitable for a few years? It doesn’t take
a genius to see where that leads.

We are not significant enough to destroy nature. The
earth, universe and beyond will go right on with or
without us. Warm or cold, wet or dry, breathable air
or not. Continued human life requires us to adapt. Not
the other way around. Can we? Will we? I hope so.


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