Don’t despair

The election and current racial strife do not mark the
end of life as we know it. The marches, demonstrations
and rebellious attitudes will not cause another civil
war. Some violent extremists will always be with us
but are not capable of taking over the country.

There have been hundreds of revolts in the United
States during my lifetime. Some were one shot deals
and others went on for years. All were taken seriously,
just like now.

In the sixties and seventies we had the counter
culture generation. The Woodstock concert in
nineteen sixty nine drew four hundred thousand
estimated attendance. The theme was peace and
love within the group mingled with rebellion against
the establishment.

Communes where young people cohabited in non-
conformist ways became popular. Illegal drugs
were common. Anything traditional was hated.
Many young American men went to Canada to
avoid fighting big business wars. Most people over
thirty were outdated and disregarded.

Fortunately, there are few old rebels. The lifestyle is
dangerous, dirt poor, unattractive and we all mature.
Trying to force immediate change on others is a
tiresome struggle. Objection to the status quo is fine
but working within accepted norms is the only safe
and effective action.

The sixties movement and all the others were
eventually absorbed. The violent people were tamed.
The same things will happen now. We need patience.
Most puppies will grow up and blend in just like their
parents did. Their messages will be heard then new
and different revolts will start.


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