Real life

Nationally famous? Rich? Powerful? Universally
admired? Our American family is now over three
hundred twenty million and fewer than one percent
of us are in that group.

This message is for the other ninety nine plus percent.
Reality is failure and success on a smaller scale. All of
us experience fumbled attempts and close call wins.
Even superstars are the same. Failing multiple times is

The official title of failure is self inflicted. Others only
see you struggling. We admire trying hard even if we
think your goal is silly or unreachable.

Does some level of earning money equal success? How
much? Where do you draw the line? Basic living
expenses? Independence? More than average? Enough
in the bank to live out life without working? We each
decide for ourselves.

How about quality of life? Will you trade health and
relationships for money and the things it can buy?
Ruining your body and most of your time on earth in
that pursuit leads to regret. Think carefully.

My feeling is success and failure are personal and
worry about being labeled by others is a waste. My
opinion of me is the only one I control. Others can
agree or not for their own reasons but don’t change
my thinking.

Each of us has an evolving set of needs and wants.
A healthy attitude is concerned with now. Success
and failure is ongoing and educational. Being aware
and learning from both creates a trend in the right

If you are still here dealing with life in a realistic
way you are a success so far. Keep up the good work.


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