Who exactly are you?

Good question for all of us to ask ourselves. Below
is my personal report but your own answers are
more important. Mine will only serve as positive or
negative examples.

Seventy nine years old, married twice. First lasted
twenty four years, four kids, divorce. Second now
in the twenty ninth year and will probably last until
one of us ends.

Currently working in sales and customer service for
a local printing company. We need the money and I
enjoy the work but twenty hours per week is enough.
I don’t have the same stamina as years ago.

Don’t usually get medical check ups and have no
prescriptions. Doctors and medicines are good when
sick. Normal focus is on habits.

Current habits are:

About nine hours of sleep each night.

Practice mental and physical relaxation when

Coffee, aspirin, vitamin each morning then
moderate eating.

One small port wine per day, a beer or two on
special occasions.

Work out once per week at home for about an hour.
Full stretching routine, then weight lifting reps that
work the whole body.

Work at my computer two or three hours each
morning and more in the evening. Handle home or
job needs between.

An hour of reading or TV entertainment most

Current opinions are:

Politicians can not control economy, weather or

Personal health ranks first, relationships second,
finances third.

Senior years are very interesting if we pay


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