Be selfish

Taking care of me and mine does not hurt you.
Putting on my own oxygen mask means I can help
others. Keeping my property in good shape improves
our whole neighborhood. Increasing business helps
fellow workers make more money. Staying healthy
allows more and longer contribution.

The most successful among us can be the biggest
donors. Selfish people make money, cause surplus
and increase opportunities. Striving is not shameful.
Unacceptable attitudes are caused by fear, not success.

The definition of selfish has two parts. Being centered
on your own interests, needs, and wishes while
ignoring the welfare of others. Good, bad and ugly all
in one breath. Stick to the good part.

Most of us are naturally on the high side of the
goodness scale. Few are greedy and uncaring. Looking
after our own needs and wants is fine as long as we are
legal and reasonable.

There are no penalties on the books for being selfish.
Only for being hurtful. At the dinner table you could
get your hand slapped but otherwise keep it honest
and you can be as selfish as you want.

The only complaints will come from the jealous.


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