Matter over Mind

Wondering if this is all there is?

Here is a simple exercise. No expense, no interruption
of current life, no hard labor, immediate results.

Mind is our center of consciousness where thoughts,
feelings and ideas are generated. It is our steering
wheel. What is in there affects how we act, what we
do, success, fear, love, health.

Is something wrong with your mind? Probably
nothing except focus. You can deal with that. No
serious training needed. Put this moment’s matter
at the front of your mental line whether it is trivial
or life changing.

Becoming aware of your mind and the effect it has
on your life is key. Mind is an available tool but
using it is optional. You can control it and the
thoughts in it while awake. The conversations with
yourself inside your head are private.

Mind only works against you when you allow it.
Imagining future tragedy? Rehearsing arguments
or disputes? Anxious because of past mistakes?
What must people think of me? Why did I…?
Why didn’t I……..?

Examples of an unruly mind wasting now are always
popping up. Taking charge of it is calming. You will
quickly begin to see your relationships with everything
and everybody in a different way.

Better understanding of cause and effect reduces
stress. Much of our fear is imaginary and goes away
when we recognize it. Others become more comfortable
with us. Our lives improve.

Try it and see.


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