The wonderful mysterious humans

The big mystery is not the body, brain or mind. It is
the controller of them. That part of each one of us
using the body, brain and mind for as long as they
last. The part that can not be seen, weighed,
measured, tested or replaced.

Our brain is physical. Flesh and blood. Like any other
part of the body it starts out the same in all of us.
Several kazillion empty cells available for use by the
mind. A hard drive connected to the entire body
through nerves.

The mind is a computer located in the brain. We
learn to program it by trial and error. When we
sense X, tell body to do Y. If Y does not turn out well
reprogram for better. Changes around us require
constant adjustment.

The mind is private. No one else has access. The
private conversation with ourselves inside our
heads is invisible. Others can guess about our
thoughts but never know for sure even if we tell

What can we do with the mind? Think, learn, solve
problems, store memories, imagine possibilities,
control actions. What we can not do is focus on
more than one thing at a time. Multi tasking is an
illusion created by rapid focus changes.

If mind is running slowly or memory isn’t working
well we can improve those functions with practice.
Unless physically damaged brain has more memory
space than we will ever need. The mechanism is
there. Using it is optional.

Computer manufacturers are making progress but
until they come up with completely independent,
self sustaining, free will machines that reproduce
without human involvement they are only selling
helpful tools.

We have yet to manufacture a soul. Wayne Dyer
said you don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have
a body. Interesting to think about isn’t it? Will we
ever get all the answers? No, we will continue to
think up new questions.