If I could do life over, what would I change?

Learning to relax earlier in life would be one thing. I
could have been much more comfortable a long time
ago but didn’t catch on till later. The effects of people
and events outside my control could have been less

I chose what to take seriously based on circumstances
at the moment. If I needed to change a flat tire, pass a
test or get a job I would pay attention and learn
something. Doing what is urgent then rewarding myself
with earned self indulgence.

Mind awareness produces long term benefit, but self
study is not mandatory, harder to grasp and easy to
put off.  Thinking on purpose is work. Repetition makes
it routine work. Seeing results changes it to fun.

The desires and beliefs of others are frequently opposite.
They are not wrong, just different. In high school a
teacher tells us how to dress appropriately and my
classmates make fun of it. I may end up in a suit and tie,
awful jeans and a nose ring or somewhere between.

The result is no more permanent than a hundred later
decisions. Just  experiments and subject to change as
needed. Small decisions usually don’t cause serious
damage but can be more painful than expected. Pain
is an effective teacher.

Well, here I am. Seventy nine years into the process
and still learning. So far the body parts are mostly
working. Some mental and physical strength. Active
seven days per week. Getting along reasonably with
most people. My current habits are comfortable.

I sleep eight or nine hours each night. Eat small
amounts of what I want without regard to endless
and sometimes conflicting nutritional advice. Not
much sugar, some fruit, nuts, sandwiches. Drink
coffee, water and one glass of port wine each day.

I do one hour of stretching and weight lifting once per
week at home. Walking, driving, home and yard work
in addition to about twenty hours of outside sales and
customer service for a local company.

I do not need a bucket list of experiences to check off
or a pampering retirement community. I am moving
through an interesting life with good and bad each day
no matter where I am or who with. People here are the
same as anywhere. Many different attitudes and
personalities constantly evolving.

Modern technology is fascinating but will be old
fashioned before I know it. Possessions get old and wear
out, politicians come and go. I meet new people every
week and get more wrinkles. Keeping up mentally
leaves little time for worry.

Here’s to the next seventy nine years. The blink of an
eye for mother nature but a long time for us temporaries.
I intend to relax, make the best of today and repeat.
It has worked reasonably well so far.


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