Emotions are strong feelings about something or
somebody. They are not caused by events or others.
They are caused by us.

We start learning early. We see how others act and
form habits of showing anger, happiness, sadness,
attraction, revulsion in response to certain things
but are not consistent.

When a person nearby is shouting at us we might
shout back, laugh, cry or choose any of several other
responses. Our current decision may be instant or
carefully thought out. The effects of that decision can
influence later.

Inner peace does not mean becoming emotionless. It
starts with realizing that we control our minds and
emotions. We will begin seeing others and events
differently. Less fear and more understanding.

Life will include unexpected good and bad news. Some
very serious. Others will act as they choose but we can
decide how to personally respond and to what degree.
Being upset or angry is counter productive and
unhealthy. Usually a poor choice.

Controlling emotions does not make us cold, fearless or
impregnable but does lead to more calm and focused.
Moderation is a good thing emotionally as well as

Do you like being around easy going people who don’t
overreact? Do you think that just isn’t you? Try it. You
can always go back to letting life jerk you around