Handling criticism

Criticism. A spoken or written opinion about what is
wrong with somebody or something. About 2,300
years ago Aristotle said the only way to avoid it is to
do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. Some things
haven’t changed much.

Unless we are completely alone, unobserved, no
communication with others we can expect some
criticism. Our immediate family members and people
we work with have the most ammunition but some
others have a quick trigger so get ready.

Criticism will come as a surprise. After all, if we
thought what we were doing was wrong we wouldn’t
do it in the first place. Right? Well maybe we just
thought nobody would notice. Anyway assuming none
of us really believe we are perfect we should expect
the unexpected. Have a plan for surprises.

Turning criticism into value is more comfortable than
fuming and fussing . Remember that you don’t butt
heads when an angry bull charges, you steer him in
circles until he calms down.

Smile, ask questions, sincerely consider the other
position. Become two people solving a problem instead
of fighting about it. You can usually find some common
ground. Few will demand surrender in a conversation.

Folks become much more friendly when others listen
even if they don’t agree. Friendly is a better result.

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