Negative attitudes

I read that negative people have a problem for every
solution. Followed by suggestions to avoid them and
associate with those who are positive. Good luck with
that. You’ll need it.

Our coworkers, neighbors and family are the luck of
the draw. We are surrounded by them a large
percentage of the time. If we accept them as is we have
a shot at getting along. Judging them leads in the other

Negative feelings usually reflect fear of some kind. I
think we are better off trying to figure what is scaring
them than just trying to avoid them.

We do not become negative by being around negative.
Influence from others changes us only if we decide to
change. We will meet and interact with the entire
spectrum of human attitudes in a lifetime.

Mental strength is developed through exposure to life.
A key ingredient is learning that you and those you
encounter have both positive and negative attitudes
from time to time. The best we can hope for is more one
than the other.

Positive attitude is usually more effective but each of
us has a unique viewpoint at any given moment. That is
why at this moment I am negative about avoiding
negative. Don’t fear different attitudes, understand them.

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