The way something is done. Most projects have a
proven method that will usually get us a good result.
On the job, around the house, guiding the kids, losing
a few pounds. “How to” advice is available. Almost
nothing we are faced with is really new.

The word “project” conjures up mental pictures of
expensive, time gobbling and difficult. That alone can
put off starting if not an emergency. It is easy to think
up reasons to wait. We can spend more time evading
than it takes to accomplish.

A technique to change the procrastination habit helps
and our minds are the key tool used. The good news is
that tool is handy, free and non-technical. The bad
news is using it is not automatic. We need to recognize
and accept the value of action.

Business schools teach trying to handle each item
only once. Good advice. The habit of doing it now and
moving on produces more in less time while reducing
stress. Stress has been the biggest management
problem forever.

The same technique works for all areas of life and can
be mastered by anyone. Less stress, more decisive,
focusing on here and now instead of a whirling cloud
of things being put off.

Make that change and the benefits start today.