A brass musical instrument that can be played loud
and stand out in a group. Everyone has heard them.

Donald Trump has the habit of branding his opponents.
Little Marco, lying Ted, crooked Hillary. If I were
running against him he would not be “The Donald” he
would be “The trumpet”. A comic drawing of him
blowing his horn? Not as vicious as his work but
maybe effective.

If you were running against you what brand would
you pick? Something that has the ring of truth and
brings you down off your high horse. A private look at
our own faults and weaknesses and some thinking
on what to do about it seems healthy.

When I do this exercise I get something that involves
too much talking and not enough listening. Too much
teaching and not enough learning. “Know it all Ken”.
I feel better when trying to change that. Like “The
Trumpet” I would like to stop being penalized for
mouth fouls.

There is always work to do on my life. That means I
never have to look far to find enjoyment.

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