Difficulty is good

The Seabees (from the initials CB standing for
Construction Battalion) were a US Navy division in
charge of putting together airfields and bases for use
by advancing troops during World War II. Their motto
was “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible
takes a little longer.”

If I had a buck for everything in my life that I hung
back from or avoided because I didn’t know how, was
afraid I would make a mess of or was just feeling lazy
I could fill a mattress. The Seabees didn’t have those
options and we would be better off if we didn’t either.

When I got past the stress and tried I was always better.
More often than not it was easier than I thought
and I accomplished it. If not I learned why and what
other options exist. Until I actually got into it I was
operating on imagination. Fact is much easier to deal

Many more things look difficult than actually are
difficult. Each thing you conquer or fail teaches
lessons. After learning stress is gone. Fear is replaced
by action.

The TV, lawn mower, electric razor, refrigerator, car,
you name it stops working. Things that interrupt daily
life. A few minutes with the owners manual or internet
might tell you how to fix it. Sometimes the item lasts
years longer.

The process of replacement takes at least as long and
is much more expensive. Getting back to normal
without it is satisfying.

How about when home or work atmosphere goes sour?
Replacement on them can be ten times as painful as
fixing them. Don’t give up on the situation too soon. You
might surprise yourself. Difficult only means you don’t
have all the information needed.

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