Write the ending first

I read a few Mickey Spillane novels in my younger
years. Others must have liked them too because two
hundred twenty five million of them were sold. Mike
Hammer was his tough guy character who won out in
the end.

When critics said his writing was low level Mickey
replied that people consume a lot more salted peanuts
than caviar. His stories were fun to read. Twists,
suspense, danger and a hero to identify with. Ayn Rand
was a Spillane fan too. There is some salted peanut
desire lurking in most of us.

Mickey said in an interview that he wrote the endings
first and then figured out how the characters got there.
Interesting idea. Can it be applied to other goals? Why

If I want to make money selling widgets I can imitate
successful widget dealers, work hard and hope to get a
share of the orders. One bit at a time I can construct a
me too business. What could it hurt to picture success.
Why did my imaginary customers decide to buy from
me? What caused interest in a new widget source?
How can I make that happen?

Dominoes didn’t invent pizza but became huge and
profitable by finding a constant motive for pizza sales
at the time. They advertised a delivery within thirty
minutes and put their shops near colleges. Dominoes
didn’t focus on the taste of their pepperoni but on
hungry college kids with small bucks chipping in at

Ever hear of Burma Shave? The vast majority of men
used shaving cream every day and millions of them
bought the brand that gave them the fun of little
roadside poems while driving. Post the signs once and
advertise for a lifetime.

Business, personal life, politics and everything else in
the world is constantly changing. New ideas are
bubbling up every day. Past successes by individuals
like you would fill a book so big nobody could read it
all. Keep your mind working and stay interested. You
are not finished yet.

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