How to get along with the opposite sex

There was a cute commercial a while back featuring
two little kids playing. The girl asked the boy “Are you
the opposite sex or am I?”  There is the big secret.

No predetermined opinions. No rulebook with penalties
for violating what is “manly” or “ladylike”. No social
pressure at all. The only thing affecting friendship is
whether the other person is friendly.

Hormones and sexual attractions kick in somewhere
around age eleven or twelve and stay with us the rest
of our lives. Our biggest relationship problems begin
with sexual discovery. From that point on everybody
can be viewed as one of us or one of them. Opposing
teams competing.

Getting along with the opposite sex only requires
remembering the little kids. Sex is natural and desired
by all. So is eating, breathing, sleeping and safety. None
of those are the basis for friendship. Get that straight
and the problem will disappear.

We get along or not with individuals of any sexual
orientation, any age, any color, any economic level
based on being mutually comfortable. Negative,
threatening, predatory, unfriendly, distrustful turns us

If people avoid me I am sending one or more of those
messages. I can change the smoke signals any time.
Wouldn’t it be great to get along well with people from
all instead of just half the tribe?

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