Our habits form because we come to believe they are
best. Someone tells us or we decide on our own how to
handle every little thing. Once they harden there is no
need to think about them further. Like the old joke.
There is no reason for it, it’s just company policy.

After habits become routine and automatic changing
them is the opposite. Uncomfortable, clumsy and
requiring effort. The difficulty can be simple for
something like changing your wake up routine or
tougher for more complicated goals but all are doable
for a result that is good.

For adults who are basically OK taking a look at habits
is a smart move. Looking is easy and even little things
can make a nice difference. Which part of noticing
where your mind is and the effects it has is beyond you?

The first time you relax, stop tailgating, cutting in and
out and playing race cars on the way to work you
realize there is no real time difference but very real
enjoyment difference. Lots of things are similar.
Positive differences large or small add up quickly.

Better is better.

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