Life improvement FAQ

Who is interested in it?

Adults of both sexes but more women than men.
People who like to read.
Who value self control.
Who find psychology interesting.
Who like helpful ideas in general.
Who want better relationships, health or career.

What is available?

Two types of suggestions. Targeting a specific
problem like how to lose weight, how to get
along with spouse, becoming better at public
speaking or general growth like relaxing,
feeling better, being happy.

Do they work? 

Yes. Most of the improvements reported are
in self awareness, health, positive attitude
and relationships. Confidence boosters.

Isn’t professional help better?

Yes but trained professionals don’t do it for
you. They teach you to do it. If you want
change, you have to change yourself and
you may not need a  professional or a book
to do that.

What is the key to improvement?

Action gets results. Consuming information
changes nothing regardless of the source.
Moving upward even in small ways brings
pride and satisfaction. Each little success
encourages more.

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