Self helpings

The majority of us are at the same place in life. Adult,
busy, obligated, following a routine and watching the
years go by. Not wonderful but acceptable. Occasional
daydreams about a happy future that may or may not

How did we get into this condition? Just make stupid
mistakes or have bad luck? Did our parents and
teachers not know better back in the dark ages? Maybe
it was their fault.

I have to admit that I became the way I am one tiny bit
at a time over my whole life. To fit in with others I
imitated what I liked and avoided what I didn’t. Too bad.
I could have been lots better off by now.

Thousands of good suggestions are now on the web.
Cute one liners with pictures of happy people, pets and
scenery. Lengthy how to instructions where every
third word needs to be looked up. Audio, video, any
way I want it advice is available.

I can read, listen, nod my head and agree that this
makes sense. I can study what to do and why. I can find
time to work at it or, like most people, change nothing
and forget about it. Comfortable in my routine.

Well, it is never too late. How would an ideal person
look? Oh, oh. Can I seriously change the way I look?
How would Mr. Ideal act? Sweet and nice all the time?
My family would worry about dementia and institutions.
Maybe I should think about something simpler.

Relax my body, keep my mind mostly in the present,
eat and drink in moderation. I can do those things if I
try. Anybody can. Here I am back to one tiny bit at a

Actually a little better each day on purpose feels good.
Why not make that a routine?

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