Don’t sweat petty things?

One line advice is like quotes from the rich and famous.
Easy to remember but serious thought about it is

Don’t let little things irritate me is the message I get from
the above. Sounds like a good idea but to get the benefits
I have to decide what is petty.

How you hold your fork or squeeze the tooth paste?
Wearing the wrong colors together? Leaving the toilet
seat up? Where should we draw the line?

How about petty being stuff that doesn’t actually hurt
me? Open mouth chewing? Talking with your mouth full?
Public ear cleaning? Farts? Does nauseating count?

OK, what are the non-petty things? Murder, assault,
theft, cheating. Serious damage done on purpose. We
agree on those so I will comfortably go ahead with
negative feelings when you do them.

Are accidental hurts petty? If I look at it that way I
eliminate lots of fuming that spoils my life. Waste as little
time as possible being angry over your dumb mistakes
because I make them too but……….

How do I know the intent of others? If it looks intentional
could it be just for fun? Payback for my previous sins?
Competition for lead dog in this group? Mental illness?
This is terrible. I can’t decide whether to be mad or not.

I know, I’ll think about it tomorrow. That worked for
Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the wind.

Today, tomorrow, who cares about petty things? Now
wasn’t that fun? I feel better already.

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