The truth about responsibility

Responsibility can be a ball and chain or an important
asset. We can see it either way.

Taking responsibility and being dependable means we
have value. The opposite is worthless. One creates self
respect, one does not.

Responsibilities come in all shapes and sizes. Like taxes
we use energy avoiding them or handling them. Either
way is tiring but a job well done creates a better tired.
No sleaze factor.

If I lived alone in a remote area I would be responsible
for everything. Food, safety, clothing, shelter would be
full time life and death needs. There is no other option.
I marry all of it in sickness or in health till death do us

Living with others the duties are divided. Doing my share
makes me acceptable. I may get away with being an able
non contributor but that habit is usually frowned on. It
can lead to lonely.

Equating permanent relaxation with absence of
responsibility is a formula for depression. Having no
commitments, even in retirement, is dropping out of life
and quickly becomes boring. Just socializing does not fill
the void.

Needing relief due to mental and physical fatigue is
normal. Rest or a vacation solves that. Think about what
permanent rest is. Oh, oh.

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