Brain overload

Day five of intensive sales training leads to mind

Instructor: “Fish where the fish are.”
Mind: “In the water somewhere”

Instructor: “Make an impression they will remember.”
Mind: “Offer a bite of your worm”

Instructor: “Be friendly. Put the prospect at ease.”
Mind: “Don’t worry about the hook, just nibble around it.”

Instructor: “Don’t be shy, ask for what you want.”
Mind: “Go get your check book.”

Instructor: “Be assertive, not aggressive.”
Mind: “Please go get your check book.”

Instructor: “Talk thirty percent, listen seventy percent.”
Mind: “Unlike certain instructors.”

Instructor: “Be a problem solver.”
Mind: “Three heel clicks and right back in Kansas.”

Instructor: “Don’t fear walking away.”
Mind: “Call me when you wise up.”

Instructor: “Those habits lead to success.”
Mind: “Wait, what habits?”

Sometimes we need a week end to restart the head.

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