Construction versus destruction

We each have our little inner critic that compares us to others.
Whether with a parent, neighbor, friend or superstar of some kind
we can be told we do not measure up. The other person is superior
and that is that. Quieting the little jerk is a great relief. That is

The truth is we are neither perfect nor awful. We just are. Our
current condition is in motion and can be steered in the direction
we choose. Other people are the same. Not superior or inferior but
in a different place.

Geraldo Rivera said we are liberal when young if we have a heart
but become conservative when old if we have a brain. Some of us
were the opposite. Wayne Dyer wrote personal improvement
advice based on science when young and shifted to much more
spiritual positions later. Does anybody believe Einstein didn’t
change opinions as he aged? He certainly did.

We are taught right and wrong from the time we are kids. We
memorize whatever version we learned from our parents and
teachers then feel guilty about our teenage transgressions. Our
inner critic is a teenager too and produces an immature verdict
during our self trial. That is destructive.

I Googled “Home and Living magazines” and got eighty three
million results in less than a second. There are uncountable
opinions and suggestions on every aspect of our existence. We
can find a million examples of advice opposite other advice.
Right for me, wrong for you and vice versa.

Norman Rockwell made millions of us smile and relax by
spotlighting the little every day truths that make up the
majority of our lives. Seeing ourselves, our lives and our
actions through his friendly eyes brought happiness.

He had plenty to work with. Between waking up and fading
into sleep there are a bunch of things each day in the same
category. Smile at ourselves material. We miss out on them
when our minds are elsewhere. Looking at us through our
own friendly eyes takes only a constructive decision.

We are OK but still building. We have made mistakes just like
every person who achieved great things. The destructive
thoughts are smile material today just as they were
yesterday. We only need to recognize them.

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