What am I?

My body is bones with meat on them and organs. It
wears out in a few years. My brain is a nerve center
with sensitive tentacles running all through the body
and a memory bank that starts out empty but
accumulates poor, fuzzy snapshots for later. It all
can stop working if damaged.

Mammals, birds, fish, insects, plants, everything alive
seems to have the same basics. Am I more than that or
like a more mobile and less durable rock? Just part of
the landscape.

Soul and spirit are words used to describe an
inhabitant of my body. If I am one of those I do not
recognize myself as separate and distinct. I am either
part of or imprisoned by a body I can not leave.

Physical reproductive activity determines my size,
shape and characteristics. What determines the
characteristics of my soul? What is it made of? Souls
have no form or measurable substance but each one
is said to be different.

Human debate about either an immortal or perishable
soul goes back as far as we can examine. Written and
spoken words, drawings, symbols show theories. The
most learned people of mankind give opinions.

All major religions teach beliefs about body, soul, origin,
and death but do not agree on specifics. Each is founded
on faith. Belief in something without needing logical
proof. One opinion stated “I would rather end up a
believer who finds out there is no God than a non
believer who misses the boat.”

Parents know their children are similar in some ways
but unique. We may influence them but after a short
period of dependence they take charge of themselves
and go as they wish. A new being with the same questions.

Maybe one of them will be the first to absolutely prove
the answers. If not, gut feeling is the best we can do.

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