Pleasure, joy, contentment. Seems like it is different for
each person but that’s wrong. Happiness is the same
feeling for all of us. We just attach it to different things
and choose when to show it.

Experiences do not cause positive or negative feelings.
Our reaction to events is what we choose at the
moment. Ringing my phone or doorbell today may get
an entirely different response than yesterday.

Tears, sadness, grief, at the death of a loved one or
jumping high five during a big win are decisions we
make for our own reasons. Obviously, everyone
around us does not make the same choice.

Being happier is a matter of deciding why not. What
is really causing gloom? The answers are there and
shining a light on them is like waking up from a bad

Worried about the future? Haunted by the past?
Frustrated about money, health, relationships?
Remember today, this minute and me are all I will
ever be able to control. Calmly deciding what to do
here and now about problems is step one.

Even just forgiving myself for past mistakes is
progress. Focus and action bring change. The
process is rewarding. Happiness becomes an easy
choice more and more often.

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