Good and boring

In a Grammy winning 1969 song titled “Is that all there is?”
Peggy Lee decided that the effect of things happening today
is not permanent. Reality is time passing and life going on.
Not new thinking but good thinking. Like in the newspaper
business, both good and bad news today are garbage
wrapper tomorrow.

Keeping up with the constantly changing times requires an
open mind. Age can start a closing process if we aren’t
careful. Life finally got comfortable and a bunch of nutty
people are trying to ruin it. That attitude leads to boredom.

Boredom is like an old, loose, comfortable pair of shoes.
Familiar, relaxing, associated with free time but only good
for a while. We get dressed to go out and put on a different
pair. Comfortable is not all there is.

We either accept that nothing and nobody stays the same,
overcome our fear of new and different, get past
discomfort or withdraw from this hell bent life and
mentally live in the past. Take your pick. Boredom and
complaining or joining in and helping.

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