Why do we love sports and pets?

They involve work, expense and frustration. You can’t go fishing, play
golf, go to a ball game, participate in a sport or own a pet without those

The same can be said about hobbies. Have you ever known a ham radio operator? Stamp or coin collector? Artist? Gardener? Those and dozens
of other pastimes can cost more time, effort and money than is
demanded by employment.

The reward for employment is money. The reward for all of the above is
pleasure. Doing what we want versus what we must. Hauling a boat on
a trailer, handling bait, fighting the weather and getting no fish is better
than handling some assigned duties to get a few bucks? What is wrong
with this picture?

Happiness is made of pleasure, joy, contentment. Certainly a dog with a
wagging tail and showing love is more pleasant than a boss glancing at
a clock and checking how much you accomplished. Stop and think why
each event happens. Would the dog have shown love if you didn’t first
make it happy? Would the boss care about the clock if you acted toward
work the way you act toward your dog?

How about your spouse? Other family members? Neighbors? Your
body? Every area of your life is affected by your attitude and actions.
You can’t make it all perfect but you can steer it in the right direction.

Think about a boss with a wagging tail and a smile and see how that
makes you feel. You might look forward to going to work.

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