Want some real satisfaction? Listen to the “experts”
but think for yourself.

How to be viewed as an expert is taught on the web.
Some brag about becoming an expert in a day. Pick
a topic that is in demand, read up on it for a few
minutes, repeat what other experts have said. You
will know more about it than most people even if
you have no personal experience. You can then
make money giving advice.

A result of that theory is large numbers of people try
teaching self improvement. They are attracted to the
reported ten billion dollars spent annually for
information on how to get rich and enjoy the good life.

You can teach seven ways to be more productive, the
twenty nine habits of successful soap sellers, how to
make millions by outsmarting Google, making money
by wishful thinking and, of course, step by step
instructions on how to make everyone love you.
Throw in a few quotes from famous people and you
can’t miss.

Learning time management, lists, diets, positive
attitude and other good habits from these “experts”
might lead you to the pot of gold but about ninety
seven percent of us will remain unchanged. Why?
Because even though we have the same appendages
and similar size we are all different. One size fits all
advice works for maybe three in a hundred.

The rest of us need to study ourselves. Where am I
and how did I get here? If I really want different the
only things I can change are my mind and my habits.
That is personal, done by trial and error and takes
time to show results.

Can I stop doing everything I am doing? Stop valuing
everything I value? Stop believing everything I believe?
Of course not. A clean sweep is out but tweaking one
item at a time gets interesting. There is satisfaction in
making your own path. Nobody can do that for you.

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