Police versus protesters

What would help with this problem?

“Hug a cop” buttons?

“Protesters matter” bumper stickers?

“Walk a mile in my shoes” information exchanges? Now
we are getting somewhere.

The bigger the issue, the larger the crowd, the more both
sides need to prepare. Polarized positions only get worse
until we decide on more listening and less fighting. There
is some common ground to start with.

Both cops and protesters know that lawbreakers are the
problem. Some of them can be lurking in either group.

Both cops and protesters know that prejudging is a
reaction to previous experience. Some on each side are
guilty of deciding the entire other group is the enemy.

Both cops and protesters know that neither protesting
nor policing are illegal or immoral. Cops are not acting in
favor of the issue being protested but are there to keep
the peace.

Both cops and protesters know that all concerned would
like to solve the problem. War is the least effective and
most stressful option.

Both cops and protesters know they need each other to
improve, not disappear. All of us are valuable.

There is always a way to start movement in the right
direction. Nothing will be mistake free but trying can turn
into trusting and give progress a chance.

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