Is business good, bad, ugly?

I think it was Zig Zigler who said you can have anything you want
in life. You just need to provide others with something they want.
Sounds easy but I think his real message is you have to get the big
picture straight.

Your wants are first in the above quote and do require some
thought. What are you after right now? Do you want to plunge in
completely or just stick your toe in the water? Are you
experienced in business or just starting? Is the goal to get a job,
become self employed, do better at your current job or just earn
extra money?

Liking to play guitar, knit sweaters or fix things is fine for a
hobby. They might also make money for you some day. Living on
it is a tougher problem. It helps to take a broader view at first.
Hobbies are less enjoyable when they become a job and you can
enjoy many things. You are not stuck with current likes and

Business is the source of all money and is based on filling needs
and satisfying wants. People today have the same basic needs
as their ancestors but circumstances have changed. Forget for a
moment what you like to do and think about what is really in

For example we always need food but what kind, what quality,
what quantity, what price, what convenience? Look around.
From single individuals to big department stores offers are
everywhere. There are always new food choices.

Clothing, housing, water, energy, transportation, banking,
entertainment are similar. Same needs, new wrinkles because
businesses are all trying to grow market share. Equipment
keeps improving, new entrepreneurs jump in and new ideas

The computer was an improved abacus. The internet combined
mail, billboard and telephone communications and now
portable phones have computers, internet, ATM’s and cash
registers. Printed books were mostly replaced by electronic
downloads but now are making a comeback. Last week I read
that hard copies are back to two thirds of total sales.

The business world is a continuously changing kaleidoscope
that can be fascinating or overwhelming. Every possible
attitude is represented. Some are predators, but most are trying
for a fair and honorable exchange. You can enjoy the challenge
or reject it as too much trouble. Either way is fine but don’t be
surprised if you change your mind later.

We have troubles and want change. Then we have different
troubles and either change back or go to a third alternative.
Sooner or later, with enough experience, the grass is the same
color on both sides of the fence. It becomes clear that we
control our own comfort. There is no such thing as absence
of problems, stress and fears. There is only learning to handle

Business is not the cause of or the solution for problems and
fears. It is just a never ending series of puzzles. Like life it can
be frustrating, aggravating, rewarding but will not be boring
and always seems to have the last laugh.

Good? Bad? Ugly? You decide.

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