The starting point

If you are old enough to read this you know
improvement is the key to success. Learning something
or getting better at something.

Getting started doesn’t take expert instruction, long
hours or physical work. It is done in your mind. Self
study causes improvement. It begins as soon as you
start paying attention to where your mind is. The more
you do it, the more you like it.

Awareness of your mind and body will not make you
rich or famous. It will help you focus on now and that
alone is an improvement. You will get things done better
and quicker. You will see the connection between what
you think, how you get along with others and how you feel.

Your mind and body are tools. The possible benefits of
getting them to work together are everywhere you look.
Sleeping better, more relaxed, healthier, happier, friendlier,
more interested in everything. Success is achieving. It is
aided by any of the above.

Don’t fear a private look at your own mind. The contents
include more dusty junk than most attics and a cleaning
is healthy. You are in charge. Roll up your sleeves.

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