Are you mentally old or young?

You might think that reaching old age makes us wiser
and less fearful. All the things you have seen and done
will prepare you to handle whatever comes along

The problems with that theory are:

1. Wisdom and courage do not come from just seeing
and doing. You can be a dangerous driver for seventy
years or a lousy cook after hundreds of tries. Neither
watching fights nor fighting makes you a good fighter.
Wisdom and courage come from competence. Study
and improvement while experiencing.

2. What you experienced before will not be the same
today. Circumstances change and your body along with
it. You can not count on getting the same result from the
same actions. Experience needs updating.

3. Fear doesn’t stop. There are always things that worry
you or scare you. The best we can do is learn to handle it
and keep functioning.

Mentally old is lack of interest in further learning or
keeping up with the rapid changes. Remembering the
past as wonderful and the feeling that all is lost because
the world has gone crazy. A malady that strikes at any age.

Mentally young is not only interest but pleasure in the
parade of new information. Enjoying today and looking
forward to tomorrow because all the news is not bad.
The world is busy and full of excitement. Also unrelated
to actual age.

Our mental age has an effect on us physically. We handle
our habits better with a positive inquiring mindset. A
good attitude gives a better shot at enjoying the entire
length of life. It is a good idea to pay attention to yours
and make sure you are happy with it. You are in charge
of you.

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