How to relax about Politics

April, 2016 in the USA. Presidential election coming in
November. Along with other news daily reporting
includes lots of political opinions and analysis. Our
elected leaders and those trying to be are examined
endlessly. The candidates, workers and reporters all
look stressed. It’s contagious.

I can not predict the November outcome but I can pass
along my view of some previous elections and their
effect on my life.

Presidents during my lifetime were Franklin Roosevelt
(1936 to 1945), Harry Truman (1945 to 1952), Dwight
Eisenhower (1952 to 1960), John Kennedy (1960 to 1963),
Lyndon Johnson (1963 to 1968), Richard Nixon (1968 to
1974), Gerald Ford (1974 to 1976), Jimmy Carter (1976 to
1980), Ronald Reagan (1980 to 1988), George H.W. Bush
(1988 to 1992), Bill Clinton (1992 to 2000), George W. Bush
(2000 to 2008) and Barack Obama (2008 to 2016).

Thirteen Presidents. Seven Democrats totaled 44 years in
the Whitehouse  and six Republicans 36. Roosevelt died
in office, Kennedy was assassinated, Nixon resigned. All
others served their terms. I voted in every election starting
with 1960. Sometimes Republican, sometimes Democrat. I
tended to vote for the person who seemed to most closely
share my beliefs.

After the elections were over, I did not change. I still
believed what I believed before. Promises made to the
voters were intentions, not facts. Major actions still
needed to be jointly made by elected groups.

The new Whitehouse occupants were not King, Queen or
God. Plans may or may not have come true. The other
nations, our relations with them and economic pressures
changed both positively and negatively as we went along.

Regardless of what candidates told us they could not create
prosperity. If they could we would never have recessions
or depressions. They could not force our views on other
nations. If they could we would never have wars. The best
we could hope for was civilized, unselfish leadership with
our best interests at heart.

The current new President will no doubt have successes
and failures just like all the previous ones. The vast
majority of our personal lives will continue to be the
result of our own thoughts and actions just like before.

By all means vote. Let your beliefs be known or work for
what you think is right but remember that the outcome
is temporary. The only constant in your life is change.
You and the world around you evolve without your

Learning to study and deal calmly with whatever comes
while keeping yourself positive and helpful is your best
shot at a relaxed, confident life. Being valuable to others
has more effect on your life than anything else and
requires ongoing mental and physical action.

Presidents are elected, do their job for four or eight years
and retire from the office. Celebrating or crying about
their decisions is normal but has no real effect. We can
not duplicate them or unspill the milk. Working on
ourselves can end up moving mountains. Keep priorities

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