Adult homework

During early years parents and teachers insist on habits
that they believe will get us prepared for the realities of life.
From a wet and stationary baby to an almost grown
teenager and on into early adulthood we get a barrage of
instructions and assignments.

There comes a time for each of us when the kid part is
over. We are expected to move on and fend for ourselves.
Our success as an adult does not depend on which facts
we memorized but on the habits we form as we go along.
Some habits hurt, some help and none are permanent.

We do not become finished products at any age. There is
no end of new information. Change never stops. Our lives
are getting better or worse in multiple areas and the
direction of each is up to us.

In school some kids are interested in science, music,
sports, math, social studies, etc. They enjoy their favorites
and become good at it. Others resist and try to find ways
around doing the work. How to outsmart the system and
get a passing grade with little or no effort.

The first group looks forward to school and learning while
the second can’t wait to be done with it. It does not matter
which group we are in as kids. Both will change and
change again before adulthood is over.

Personal success at anything starts when we grasp the
relationship between learning and results. Research and
fact finding plus thinking, trying and doing is how we

Achieving is satisfying. A good life will always include
some. Homework is step one. Let the enjoyment begin. We
can all do it and it is never too late.

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