What is my purpose in life?

Good question. The purpose of something is the reason
it exists. So why does my life exist? I recently read that
to find my purpose I should list possibilities until I find
the one that makes me cry with joy. Interesting thought.

The suggestion assumes several things. I have a purpose
but don’t know what it is, my purpose is unique and
personal, I was either born with it or it grew by itself, I
will be emotional when I discover it.

My body is the result of instinctive animal reproductive
urges programmed into all of us. We see it throughout
nature and the purpose is obvious. To perpetuate the
species. Nothing unique and no crying with joy about

My mind is the unique part and the contents are an
accumulation of the information gathered so far. That
information leads to feelings and opinions that are
constantly updated. Actions that seem right today may
not tomorrow.

Is what I do on purpose my purpose? If so it changes as
I go along and is selfish. What I want for me, my loved
ones, and mankind in general evolves as time passes and
my actions are to advance my current version of our

There are now billions of us living here and our personal
purposes conflict when not compatible at the same time
and place. That has been going on for as long as we know
and does not appear to be stopping any time soon.

Would solving that problem make me cry with joy?
Probably but I think the best we can hope for today is
progress. Maybe on some tomorrow we will all see our
purpose clearly and pull together. Nothing is impossible.
Let’s keep trying.

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